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Learn more about X-rays:
1. What is an X-ray?
An X-ray is a medical imaging technique that allows us to see the image of the internal structures of the body. The X-ray procedure is quick and painless.
2. What can an X-ray detect?
X-rays can help in the diagnosis and evaluation of different medical conditions. Some common indications or reasons for an X-ray examination include: Broken or fractured bones, Infections, Arthritis, Lung conditions & Tumours or abnormal growths etc.
3. What X-rays do we provide?
We offer a range of X-ray services, such as: Chest X-ray, Knee X-ray and Abdomen X-ray. If you need assistance for any other X-ray, please fill in your details and we will get back to you.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is X-ray painful?
No, X-rays are generally not painful. The procedure itself is quick and painless. You may be asked to hold still in specific positions during the X-ray, which might require a bit of discomfort but is not usually painful.
2. What is the duration of an X-ray?
The duration of an X-ray can vary depending on the specific type of X-ray being performed and the area of the body being examined. X-ray procedures are generally quite fast and typically take only a few minutes to complete.
3. Do I need hospitalisation for an X-ray?
No, hospitalisation is generally not required for a standard X-ray.
4. What is the cost of an X-ray?
The cost of an X-ray can vary depending on the type of X-ray. At PharmEasy, an X-ray Imaging starts at ₹189. The cost for Chest X-ray, Knee X-ray, and Abdomen X-ray is as follows: Chest X-ray -₹189 Knee X-ray - ₹259 Abdomen X-ray - ₹499
5. Who will be conducting these X-rays?
The X-rays will be conducted by highly experienced and trained X-Ray technicians (radiographers) who work under the supervision of expert radiologists.